bringing great teachers
to everyone, everywhere

How it Works

providing access,
eliminating disparities

The Global Teaching Project provides access to great teachers from around the world, using technology and face-to-face learning to deliver advanced coursework to students and schools everywhere, especially in communities where teacher shortages are most acute.

Where We Work

From rural Mississippi, to Central Appalachia, to last-mile schools in India, the Global Teaching Project delivers world-class instruction to talented students everywhere.

“The Global Teaching Project seeks to provide access to quality educational content to all students, regardless of their circumstances.”

The Honorable Richard W. Riley
U.S. Secretary of Education, 1993-2001

The Global Teaching Project’s STEM Pilot Program is “a Win-Win for everyone involved. Being able to work flexibly and creatively in that way are some of the ways in which we can help rural communities meet the needs of their students.”

The Honorable Betsy DeVos
U.S. Secretary of Education, 2017-Present

“The program has brought deep insight into the world of physics I never knew about… With the Global Teaching Project, we can help students in rural Mississippi move forward, ensuring them a bright future.”

Daneel K., 12th grade
Northeast Lauderdale High School, Meridian, MS

“In a rural part of Mississippi, we are able to get high quality instruction from Ivy League teachers and tutors…[T]he Global Teaching Project is the only chance a lot of these [rural] districts will get to even remotely offer courses like that.”

Brian Windham, Director of Online Learning
Booneville School District, Booneville, MS

“Through this program, I learned much about the curriculum involved with physics and its basic principles, but I learned something much more important: never think a dream is too big.”

Braeden Y., Class of 2019
Lake High School, Lake, MS