A first-of-its-kind Program in Mississippi

In 2017, the Global Teaching Project launched a first-of-its-kind program in Mississippi, bringing together rural, high-poverty public school districts from across the state to form the Mississippi Public School Consortium for Educational Access, and providing blended AP® STEM coursework to talented, but underserved, Mississippi public high school students.

Global Teaching Project MLK Session at Jackson State University 2024

Partnering with flagship universities including Mississippi State University, Jackson State University, the University of Mississippi, and Millsaps College, the Global Teaching Project’s program supports schools that are faced with limited resources and a chronic, and worsening, shortage of qualified teachers.

The program also helps to develop and prepare a pipeline of talented, high-achieving students from the State’s most rural and impoverished districts to enter post-secondary study and, ultimately, the workforce.

Mississippi’s worsening teacher shortage crisis

In 2018 in Mississippi, there were more than 2,100 teaching vacancies and 2,256 uncertified teachers.

The trend is rapidly declining. In 2013, MDE licensed 3,447 teachers; in 2018, it licensed 1,624.

This lack of teachers leads to devastating consequences for Mississippi’s students.

Nationally, over 1.5 million AP® exams were administered in 2017 in 12 math and science subjects compared to 4,000 in Mississippi. In 9 of these 12 subjects, the average score of Mississippi students was below a 3.

Nationally, over 1.5 million AP® exams were administered in 2017 in 12 math and science subjects compared to 4,000 in Mississippi.
In 9 of these 12 subjects, the average score of Mississippi students was below a 3.

Our Partners

U.S. Department of Education, The Walton Family Foundation, The Woodward Hines Foundation, The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, The Todd Wagner Foundation, The Phil Hardin Foundation, The Chisholm Foundation, FedEx and the Community Foundation of NW Mississippi.

Mississippi Public School Cosortium fpr Education Access

Learn More about the Mississippi Public School Consortium

We are a coalition of rural public school districts throughout the state that provides comprehensive, blended AP STEM courses to talented Mississippi high school students. Learn More »


Schools We Serve

  • Aberdeen High School

  • Ashland High School

  • Belmont Attendance Center

  • Clarkdale High School

  • Clarksdale High School

  • Amanda Elzy High School

  • Ethel High School

  • Greenville High School

  • Greenwood High School

  • Hickory Flat Attendance Center

  • Holmes County Central High School

  • Humphreys County High School

  • Independence High School

  • Lake High School

  • Leflore County High School

  • Leland High School

  • Madison S. Palmer High School

  • McAdams High School

  • Mendenhall High School

  • Morton High School

  • Northside High School

  • Northeast Lauderdale High School

  • Newton High School

  • North Pontotoc High School

  • Noxubee County High School

  • O’Bannon High School

  • Philadelphia High School

  • Quitman High School

  • Riverside High School

  • Scott Central High School

  • Sebastopol High School

  • Senatobia High School

  • South Pontotoc High School

  • Starkville High School

  • Strayhorn High School

  • Tishomingo County High School

  • Union High School

  • West Lauderdale High School

  • Yazoo City High School

Since our Founding

Impact by the numbers

Central Appalachia

In partnership with UVA-Wise, the Global Teaching Project plans to replicate its Program in Central Appalachia by Spring 2024.

Central AppalachiaLike the Mississippi Delta, Central Appalachia faces extreme educational disparities and economic hardship.  In fact, of the 435 U.S. Congressional districts, five of the six most economically distressed are two districts in the Mississippi Delta and the three contiguous districts of Southwest Virginia, southern West Virginia, and Eastern Kentucky.

Leveraging our existing partnerships in the region, our scalable template will enable us to bring blended, advanced STEM courses to underserved students across Central Appalachia, helping to develop a pipeline of high-achieving, low-income students who are prepared for college and the workforce.

Global Focus


India - Global Teaching ProjectWe are committed to providing students from rural and low-income backgrounds across the world access to great teachers and other academic resources.  To help address some of these challenges, we have partnered with Meghshala, an Indian non-profit organization that provides multimedia lessons to teachers in high-poverty rural schools, including in last-mile and remote locations, to help them facilitate and lead classrooms effectively. In 2019, the Global Teaching Project began working with Meghshala to create lesson plans in STEM subjects, providing STEM-major tutors from Yale University to develop and prepare original course content.